July 25, 2013

Second Session- Update #1

Second Session

Hey everyone!

Charlotte here, reporting on the first successful day of Half the Sky / China’s Children International 2013 Summer Adoptee Volunteer Trip’s Second Session. We have seven girls from all over the U.S. here besides myself, and we’re all looking forward to a meaningful, action packed trip.

Everyone arrived safely in Beijing yesterday, and we’ve just finished our first day of volunteering at the China Care Home – we volunteer 9-11:30 in the mornings and 2:30 – 5:30 in the afternoons. Everyone agrees that the kids are just so cute no matter what age they are.  And, we’ve also just held our first day of discussion / activities. Today’s was a mini Chinese lesson.  A major topic was phrases that you might hear in the China Care Home. We’ll share some of them down below. But the main thing is that although Beijing can be overwhelming at first, we’re taking it one step at a time and really beginning to enjoy our stay.
姐姐 jiejie  Older Sister (What the kids call the volunteers)
妈妈 mama  Mom (each child has a nanny which is their mother. They call the other nannies 阿姨)
抱抱 baobao  Pick me up!
 guo lai Come over here (when kids have a mind of their own)
回家了 hui jia le Time to go home (Each child has a specific room which is their home)
 chi fan le  Time to eat (11 AM for lunch, 5 PM for dinner)
大汽车来了!! Da qi che lai le! Here are the cars!!! (A favorite saying of one of the little guys at the China Care Home who loves cars)

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