July 10, 2013

Half the Sky / CCI Adoptee Volunteer Trip- First Blog Post!!

Hi China’s Children International!!

Greetings from Charlotte and Laney in Beijing!

This is our first update of the Half the Sky / CCI Adoptee Volunteer Trip. We have just arrived in South Chaoyang, Beijing with nine other Chinese adoptees from all around the world to volunteer at Half the Sky’s China Care Home.

At the China Care Home, we have been divided up amongst several age groups ranging from newborn to thirteen. For infants, volunteers help prevent developmental delays by teaching them to sit up, crawl, stand, and walk. With toddlers, we play games and talk with them, even when they don’t understand us in English! For older kids, it is a joy to get to know them through conversation.

We’re lucky to know that there is a place like the China Care Home – the dedicated nannies work 24/7 caring for the children and being mothers to each one of them.

So far it has been an amazing trip – words cannot explain how incredible it is to work with these kids. They light up a room with their smiles and laughter. It’s only the first day, but we never want this trip to end. We can only wish that after they have been released from the China Care home, they can find families as loving and caring as our own.  

We will frequently keep everyone updated on our adventures in the next couple of weeks. Can’t wait to tell you more!

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