November 16, 2013

National Adoption Month Collage!

In honor of National Adoption Month in America, CCI wanted to do something special. A few Korean adoptees have created a powerful photo collage of 310 referral/arrival pictures of Korean adoptees. CCI was inspired by them to start our own photo collage project for Chinese adoptees!

Chinese adoptees: If you’re comfortable with emailing CCI your referral photo or a photo around the time you were adopted, please email us at None of your personal information will be revealed in the collage. It would be helpful if the subject of your email included your initials and the words “adoptee photo”. 

Parents: If you’d like to submit your children’s referral/arrival photos to the project, the subject of the email can be your initials and “daughter/son(s)’ photo”.  Thanks!

Lastly, spread the word about this cool project! Email us or comment below if you have any questions!

China’s Children International

P.S. Here’s what the Korean adoptees collage looks like:

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