November 25, 2013

A Hearty Thank You to CCI from Dr. Mei-Mei Ellerman (CAL G2 Board Member)

Thrilled to meet each other and discover we are all basically the same height!

This afternoon I had the great pleasure of representing CAL/G2 at two panels for adoptees only, teens and young adults, organized by China's Children International. It was a wonderful occasion to get to know and hear the younger generation, tap into their enthusiasm to become involved in creating a real community for adoptees, listen to their ideas and suggestions, as well as capture what was left unspoken- issues to be processed as time goes on.

The main organizers, Charlotte and Laney were amazingly organized! The had set up an ambitious schedule and managed to cover the entire program, leaving plenty of time for a more intimate exchange of questions and answers featuring adult adoptee Sarah Boxell, and myself, the grandmother of the tighly knit group. Though attendance was modest, I am sure the word will spread and that next year we will more than double the numbers of participants. Somehow, the numbers were of little consequence as the atmosphere was charged and everyone seem engaged.
It was so moving to hear have Jules and Sabrina [all the way from Beijing] join us via skype. Be sure to watch their videos.

I left the venue with a very warm feeling and smiling to myself. Having grown up in Europe where I was always the only Asian in school [France and Italy], and even more to the point, the only adoptee, I have great hope for the younger generations who truly have a global community to which to turn. Support and comfort will offer give courage, inspiration and will provide role models and mutual learning opportunities. I felt very privileged.

Thank you to Charlotte and Laney and all the wonderful individual who joined us for our special conference!
Hugs and much love,


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