February 12, 2013


1. Check out Grace's awesome hat project! Consider making one yourself or encourage your community to join in! Great job, Grace! To learn more about her project,  please visit the CCI spotlight page.

2. Reminder : CCI’s own book club project is underway, courtesy of Nicole! Information for book club meetings can be found under CCI programs.

3. Don’t forget to apply to the Half the Sky Adoptee Volunteer Trip! This is a great opportunity that we hope our members consider applying to! :) If you have any questions about the trip please visit: http://halfthesky.org/en/adopteevolunteertrip

4. We’re pleased also to announce that Ming Foxweldon has won the CCI Sun Travel Youth Adoptee Leadership Contest for her outstanding contributions to the Chinese adoptee community. She has been rewarded with a free in China travel trip, and her essay will be featured in the upcoming newsletter. Congratulations, Ming! 

5. Recently we have been in contact with the Irish Chinese Contact Group (ICCG). "ICCG  is volunteer run support group for those families who have or are in the process of adopting from China." (http://www.iccg.ie/(http://www.iccg.ie/) We are so excited to be working with our new Chinese sisters in Ireland! Some of the older girls  will be posting their responses to CCI's YOU project and some younger girls will be drawing pictures. These will be posted soon! We hope to continue the cross-Atlantic relationship with ICCG as it is important for all Chinese adoptees to know that they are never alone! If you'd like to participate in the YOU project visit our Youtube Page,here for more details! 

6. Lastly,  we have updated our website with the bios for CCI’s new committee! Come meet them on CCI’s contact page


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