December 19, 2012

Power of Transracial Adoptees

Hey Guys,

It's been quite a while since I've posted last. It's exam season and things have been crazy around here! Last week I was one of four students in my high school chosen to attend a  National Student Diversity Conference in Houston, Texas. Words can't describe how inspiring the experience was. I met incredible individuals who cared unconditionally about others. I have never been in a place more filled with love.

While I was there they split us up into "affinity groups". These are groups that you relate to. There were a ton of groups covering every race imaginable and even a group for LGBTQIA folks. This year I was fortunate to go to the first ever Trans-racial adoptee group. I was so relived, because I personally do not relate to the Asian group or the Caucasian group. As I walked into the room, I felt at home. It was small, there were 19 of us compared to say the 400+ Latino/Latina/Hispanic affinity group. As we sat on the carpet in a circle we all shared our stories. Some kids came from Korea, others from Guatemala, Brazil, and even the U.S. The majority of us were Chinese adoptees. I can't describe how comforting, freeing, and exciting it was for a circle of people that I had never met before to understand completely where everyone was coming from and how it is living as a trans-racial adoptee. When someone can say " I totally get you", it's an awesome feeling! I saw how powerfully healing it is to gather adoptees together, or anyone in the same boat for that matter, and just talk with one another. That's why I love working with CCI and being part of the fantastic Chinese adoptee community. I love how teens just like me can express what they are feeling in their hearts and people will not only listen to you, but UNDERSTAND. As Chinese adoptees, we are fortunate for networking such as FCC, One World, One big Family on Half the Sky, and CCI. While I was in my affinity group, I experienced something beautiful. For the Guatemalan adoptees, it was the FIRST TIME the three of them had ever seen another Guatemalan adoptee. I was so happy for them because I know how freeing it is to finally know that you are not alone.

I was energized and inspired after this conference. It made me more motivated to continue to be involved in the Chinese Adoptee community and continue the efforts to network together. I want to be sure that the younger generations of Chinese adoptees will have an even better support network as I've had.

Jessie L.

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