August 7, 2012

Lessons from the Lion King

I recently saw the Lion King on broadway.  It was awe-inspiring and I was moved to tears during some  parts. There are some wonderful lessons to be learned from the Lion King. Here are a few that I came up with:


1. The journey to find ourselves  -  As a young cub Simba looses his father. As Simba matures he   embarks on a  journey to find himself.  On the way he is welcomed with open arms by Pumba and Timone.  They needed Simba and Simba needed them. He eventually winds up back home. Simba's journey is similar to our journey. We all lost our birthparents when we were young.  We were placed into a loving family.  Our family needed us. We needed them. As we are maturing like Simba we are taking the journey to discover ourselves. For some of us that  even means going "home" to our birth country to search for our birth-families. 

2. The lyrics in "They Live In You" remind us that:  Although we were separated from our birth parents and China, our Chinese ethnicity and our birth parents will forever live in our reflections.

"They live in you
They live in me
They're watching over
Everything we see
In every creature
In every star
In your reflection
They live in you"


3. We are all intertwined in the circle of life  - We all went separate paths, have different personalities, sets of beliefs, and ways of life. However, in the end we are all just humans. We all had the same beginnings and we will all inevitably have the same ending. We are greater than just ourselves. We are all bound together by the circle of life. 

Jessie L. 

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