June 27, 2011

First Post

Hello there adopted children, teens, and parents of adoptees! This blog is temporary, we hope to either permanently link this blog to the website or figure out how to customize the website a little more.

CCI's mission:

The mission of the CCI is to unite children adopted from China under their common beginning and to provide them extensive network of support for the future. We promote interest in the growing importance of American – Chinese relations, as well as Chinese language and culture. Lastly, we strive to better the tie between each girl and their orphanage while supporting all orphanages in China.

As CCI is just in it's infancy, we will try to get information about the organization out to you. One way to get to get in touch with us by going to our website. You can find links to Chinese language camps, information about Chinese culture, and kung fu classes taking place in your area.

In the future we hope to connect more adoptees with each other whether that be through pen-pals or blog posts. We hope you participate and come back and share your story! If you want to share your story on this blog send and e-mail to: k.schiro3@gmail.com. Feel free to leave your name out, or just tell us your first name, whatever you're comfortable with!

We hope that you visit back and share your stories!

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