August 11, 2014

For my CCI sisters, Charlotte and Jessie :)

Dear CCI Friends & Family,

I am in France! His name is Ben (le chien), and isn't he beautiful? He's only 3. This past weekend we went to the market (the Saturday marché)...we found beautiful plump purple tomatoes, artichoke hearts (reminds me of the giant ones I shared with my cousin Stephanie near Notting Hill in London), rosy orange carrots, a box of fresh peaches, and of course, plenty of fromages (cheeses).


Normally Ben walks sans leash, but in a market setting there are far too many temptations - including cheese, bread (like any true Francophone, Ben loves bread & cheese - his eyes grow large at the slightest whiff), other puppies, interesting people (possible contenders for a good sniff or a jolly and generous lick?), and other exciting goodies. 

Sometimes Ben cannot contain his excitement and lifts Jen straight off the ground, sending us both flying through the air as he lunges towards fellow four-pawed friends au marchéWith his shiny dark fur he gets hot v. quickly, so we made sure to give him regular sips from a water bottle today.

"A Dog Abroad: Monsieur Baron Ben-le-Chien in France Diaries"...(tbc).

Much Love, 

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